below is the first hole at Mountain Glen from the tee









3/2/2024THE MOUNTAIN MAN NATIONAL SENIOR AMATEUR IS ON!  DATES ARE SEPTEMBER 18,19,20 AND WILL BE HELD AT MOUNTAIN GLEN GOLF CLUB IN NEWLAND, NC.  Newland is next door to Linville,  5 minutes from Banner Elk, 25 minutes west of Boone.  Mountain Glen is a wonderful golf course in a valley that was once a farm with mountains surrounding it.  The course is up and down here and there but no crazy stuff like so many mountain courses where you have to stand on one leg to hit a shot into the woods and watch it bounce back on the blind shots.  Two of the par 3 holes are down hill including the signature 12th a mid iron to the green well below.  Makes nice big ball mark when you hit the green.  The greens are combo of bent and poa.  Our super keeps them shaved down to a daily speed of 9-10 tournament speed of 10-11 any faster and the ball will roll off the green on some of the holes, 5, 7, 11, 13 and 17 to be exact.  Keep the ball below the hole and no problems, get it long and you have just created a problem.  The professional Robert Nowak, will be taking entries most likely sometime in May.  I am meeting with him in April to iron out all questions he has.  I have been assured he is all in on it and I am pleased he is.  He will handle all the entries hopefully you can enter by phone or on line with a credit card or mail him a check.  I do know this, payout will be cash, start will be shot gun every morning at a reasonable time.  Pairings the first round will be as per request after that,  scores.  Robert was intrigued when I told him about the Azalea "ball game"  and we will be discussing that in about 3 weeks to see if that will be included or not.  Skins is also up in the air but we shall see, if we do it we will include it in the entry fee.  There will be sr, ssr, leg, sleg and grand master divisions.  That I can assure.  If you played last year bring a buddy who missed out, I already have half a dozen guys saying they are bringing friends this year.  ON TOP OF THAT.....The club is having an open two man the friday, sat and sunday before we hit it on tuesday.  The pro says you are welcome to play but you best sign up now it will be full by mid May. It's flighted by handicap and guys come from all over the southeast.  My brother and I are playing.   You can call the Mountain Glen Shop and sign up right now  828-733-5804  tellem you wanna sign up for the two man in Sept the weekend before the Mountain Man.  Stay tuned  April 2, 2024   Any questions call me 904-501-1010    RT

3/18/24.....Smoke has cleared....THE 2024 SR EVENT IS NOW HISTORY.....Rich Buckner bested the senior field with Kevin Vandenberg coming in second.  James Starnes played great steady golf for three days to beat last year's champion David Anthony by 3, Starnes was the only player in the field to break par for the 3 days, he was in the group behind me on Sunday and we kept looking back saying somebody keeps hitting it close!.  Greg Osborne of Pennsylvania kicked arses and took names winning the SSR and Bobby Lundquist of Florida made second.  The Super Legends is going to be renamed the Jim Carley annuity....he easily wins yet again in the 75-79 year old crowd.  Of great mention is Steve Wilson from California who is over 80 in years but opted to play the SL....played great got several skins and finished 6th!  Brian Sachs is a regular winner too this year he turned 80 and ran away with the Grand Masters division   Golfweek, WAGR and the Palatka Golf Course websites will have all scores by now and points will be awarded.  

Unbelievably we had 3 aces... one each day, Brian Sachs, Jim Carley and Walt Martin.....craaZZZY!   Last week in the Junior Azalea we had kids from all over the world ... on Saturday a young man aced the 6th then on Sunday a young girl aced the same was played at roughly 125-150 yards.  Crazy.....5 aces in 5 tournament days consecutively.  Strange things happen in Palatka.

THIS PAST  weekend was the Florida Azalea Amateur with a scratch division of over 120 players from all over the country and Europe....the other divisions are flighted by handicap with 220 total players.  Past champions and participants are easily recognized tour names today and from all started in 1957 and has run continuously through virus and all.  Andy reported the final leader group had... get this....a working man from Jacksonville, a 17 year old kid, another older guy and a great college player.  The working guy prevailed.  The kids (120 strong) simply don't know how to play a golf course like Palatka.  They grow up on big wide courses, miles long and they swing for the fence.  When they finally get it on the green they try to make everything.....biiig mistake on all counts.  Palatka is old time golfin and you gotta "think" instead of kicking up one leg and letting it go far as you can.  They try to fly everything to the hole, you can't do that on a Ross original.  Andy said he watched kids above the hole jam it and go right off the green.  The green speed this past weekend was around 10 at least a foot faster than the seniors played and 2 feet faster than the juniors played.  I have played and won the open Azalea on two occasions when the greens wee running, really....back in those days they did not overseed the greens were dead from winter cold and all they did was roll the green to beat down spike had to lag every putt and keep the ball below the hole.  Kids today are not taught that , all the modern courses have huge greens usually soft and relatively flat....when was the the last time you saw a tour event a guy had to play it six inches out of the hole from 5 feet?  You ain't gonna till you see an Open on an old golf course and a few holes at the Memorial.  Heres something else you won't see...Sunday a great player in his early 50s who once played mini tours....stepped up to the first tee in reasonable contention, and blew it out of bounds off 1` you figure how he did it and he didn't even hit a tree!  That is only the second time in recorded history of 99 years anybody hit it ob off number one tee....Jack Pearlman did it in 1957...I was there it was the laugh of the club for weeks...I was 9,  I swear if he had hit off a cliff it would have done a loop and started back up....gotta go left two fairways and three roughs to get it over the fence off one back in the 50s I can see it with a balata ball and woodie in your hand but todays ball and driver?  That is hard to do if you tryyyy.

Regarding the 2025 Sr Azalea guys who finished "in the money" will get the first heads up in October to send in their entries as well as all past champs some of whom did not finish in the money this year.  Nov 1 we will post the entry form and open for business first in first in basis as always so put a sticky note on your fridge door for Nov 1.  We do not send out invitations we just post the entry and it comes pouring in.

This should be my last communique for awhile, I'm whipped and the little things aggravate me to tears....if you wear t shirts,  much like I do in my old age around the house and working the yard...or even to go hit balls (Palatka and Mountain Glen, you are out of uniform if you don't have on a two day old T-shirt)its a given that 3 of four times i put one on without looking it will be backwards....every damned time....I used to could get dressed to go to the golf course in less than 5 minutes now it takes 25 because its hard to pull on my compression socks, I invariably stick the wrong foot in the wrong hole of my underwear with my peg leg I usually put my foot into the pocket of my shorts...and its tough to tie my shoes then you get from the peanut gallery "those pants and shirt don't match" or you wore the same colors as this what?  NOBODY will notice or care if they do at the course.  I usually have my keys in my pocket when I get home, I usually empty my pockets and I usually go to the car next morning without any keys because they are usually in my damned can put a sticky note on the door going out into the garage but somebody will take it down and throw it in the trash.....every damned time.  Annnnd....just as you are about to walk out the door,  its wait a minute wait a minute you have to do this or that before you know the drill I am sure.   How bout the lip out horse shoe on 18 yesterday at TPC to get the guy into a playoff????  Ouchie ouch ouch......I cud told the guy on 17 that missed from 5 ft to get into the playoff that putt is straight he played it to turn was straight straight straight from 9 o'clock in the right rear corner.....I have played the hole a number of times with the pin back right it is straight straight straight.

RT's political commentary:  3/11/2024    Also know throughout the free world.....Most of the guys who came to the tournament and discussed politics on the range all agreed the DJT has no chance no matter who the democratic nominee will be....I am also in that camp.  We all sincerely think the fix is in just like it was in 2020 and 2022.  DT will not sneak up on them like he did in 2016 when they thought they had it in the bag no matter what.  Was dumb bunny jojo on a quart of Mountain Dew and a barrel of Prevagen the other night in the State of Union address?  Nobody has seen him since I am quite sure he is still drying out but he did okay if you are a dem and us conservatives were disappointed but I can guarantee you he will not get in the ring with DT...ain't gonna happen.  They will win just like last time, all the blue states won't count absentees until the show up in person votes are tallied....that my friends is now the norm they see how many they need over night and adjust the count accordingly.   Have you seen the camera footage of people in blue territories stuffing the street corner ballot boxes?  The only place you would have seen it was on Jesse Watters or other foxie news has been and will be, nbc, cbs, msnbc, cnn etc will not dare show it.....the voting machine trial in Georgia has been squashed too.  Only thing is fox will not report on it because they got sued by the voting machine outfit for gazillions and part of deal in the settlement was they would stay away from machine fraud stories and fire tucker too which they did and have done.  Kind of like the entire crowd in DC....both sides of the aisle are corrupt as hell and always have been apparently.  Even in red districts they give a million for some open dog park, two million for a fishing dock..... or two million to the same library every the hell can a local library spend two million a year??????  How can you spend two million on a 200 foot fishing dock???  You can't unless somebody gets a crazy "fee"  I guess by the time they split it up amongst the managers and politicians who got it through its in somebodys closet in coat pockets.  How is it menendez hasn't been kicked out of the senate....the repubs drummed out one of their own for lying but the dems look the other way for somebody taking bribes it know its gotta be bad if the deep state blue doj is after the man.   The blues will do whatever it takes to keep DT out of DC....all of them.....reds too.....DT knows where the bodies are buried and both sides have bodies all over the place.  Think I'll just go get in my cart.  RT


Feb 14, I hate it when I am right.....again.....I predicted the Long Island special election would go democratic despite the fact the residents are raising hell about immigrants, despite the fact they are getting killed by high prices......high interest rates.....I predicted the gems would holler abortion, trash Biden and the Long Islanders would swallow hook line and sinker and they did by a wide margin....okay, the repubs ran a weak candidate who spoke with a heavy accent and was from Africa but a citizen.  She stood not a chance in hell.  This is just one more example why I predict no matter who the dems run in November no matter who the repubs run in November he dems will case your honor.  jojo could eat at the whitehouse with chop sticks, zelensky could rat he took matter my friends when you make the rules you can do whatever you want and the blue boys make the rules.....the entire election this year will be about what a sorry sob djt is and abortion abortion abortion.....all the young dumbassed women will vote blue.  They will swallow the notion the court overturned roe/wade ..... they have no clue the states can make their own rules on abortion..... they will vote enmass blue.  the blue machine will cheat like hell with mail in ballots or stuffed is being proven over and over what they do....just this week a guy in jersey bragged about rigging the local elections for his friends with phony ballots.....its on charges....nuttin....just the way it is folks and not a damned thing we can do about it so live with it best you can till the country goes totally socialist....we are past the point of no return right now, hopefully we won't be here to see it.  Two generations back from us will have no idea what real freedom was like they will lap it like warm milk.  No, I'm not pissed off just bewildered at how we let a bunch of 60s hippies take over our school systems, university systems and political systems over the past 60 years....they pulled it off right under our noses.  Oh well I'm just gonna go get in my golf cart....RT


Nov 29, 2023  The tournament is now full with a small wait list.  We have top players from 27 states coast to coast Texas to Illinois.  All defending champions are returning, all Mountain Man champions are playing.  A good collection of Kentuckians and Tennessee boys, West Va, Va the Carolinas and on and on.......

Politics....I wish the repubs would lay off dojo they keep trying to impeach him, that idiot in charge of immigration and on and on.....why in the hell do you want to draw attention to your worst enemy who is drowning?  Leave him to his own devices and he will choke himself wouldn't he?  You keep saying what he needs to do and eventually he will do just that.  I do predict either that California clown or Big Mike will get the nomination.....I heard one talking head make sense for a change....he said yesterday that dojo would go to the convention in Chicago and withdraw and Big Mike would be nominated and win.... and her campaign will be same as four years ago she will sit back not campaign and just watch the dem machine rig the vote AGAIN.  The fix is in folks and that my friends is just the way it is.  No you say?  We have all seen the videos of the box stuffing going on in the northeast in local elections just a few weeks judge even called for a new election....shocker....anybody who doesn't believe that was a simple replay of 2000 nationally and it won't be repeated is not in the real world....oh well, I'll just get in my cart....RT


Nov15 2023 we are practically full for the 2024  Sr Azalea, March 8,9,10  If you wish to enter now, please email me a resume  to  

Politics:  I have another question for all these students and unemployed marching around the country every day lately raising hell about hamas, Israel and whatever they can think of.  They think socialism and communism is the preferred lifestyle....fine, ask these numbnuts a question: Why does nobody in China or the USSR or Iran, or any other socialist country run by a dictator, have protesters and marches raising hell?  Answer:  simple, I have been abroad to communist and socialist countries ...... in those places EVERYBODY China they work 12 hours a day 6 days a week, no such thing as off on the weekend or Sunday they rotate the the entire population 200 million get Mondays off, another hundred million get Tuesdays and so forth.  Nobody has time to march and if they did, they would be hauled off to a concentration camp and be made to sweep the great wall with a tooth brush.  Often on their days off they have to do government work.   Our young people are being taught by socialists and communists and many are too dumb to research what they are being told.  Advice to the careful what you wish for....I do not recommend flushing dojo the moron we have for a supreme wife does not like Donald but she will vote for him if he gets the nomination.  If dojo winds up getting flushed by his own we will get Newsom of heaven forbid Big that is scarier than dojo at the wheel. Newsman and Fox needs to back off Joe and let him go. I could actually support Kennedy if he were elected, he is much like Trumper but on the democrats side.....nobody owns him....that is why the dems would not let him in the door, they own dojo who can't even do a press conference without reading off notes and stumbling through pre determined questions...seems the press corps would get tired of that but they are all products of our last 20 years education system...I think I'll just go get in my cart.  RT

ross over conflict.  They may try out the big cat in the 24 Azalea.



2009 Sr Champion   Bill Zylstra , Michigan (141)                         SSR   Boyd Johnson , Georgia  (144)

2010 Sr Champion  Rick Woulfe , Ft Lauderdale, Fl  (211 won in playoff over David Brookreson )       SSR  Boyd Johnson, Georgia  (143)

2011 Sr Champion  Chip Lutz, Pennsylvania (208 )                    SSR  Gary Shimmin,  South Carolina  (143)

u2012 Sr Champion  Chip Lutz, Pennsylvania  (208)                    SSR  Jim Carley,  Ormond Beach, Fla  (141 won in five man playoff)

2013 Sr Champion  David Anthony, Jacksonville Fl (209)          SSR  John Darr, Gainesville, Fl  (206 )

2014 Sr Champion  Ronnie Tumlin, Crescent Beach Fl  (208 won in playoff over Doug LaCrosse)                   SSR  Ted Smith   Indiana  (211)

2015 Sr Champion  Doug Hanzel,  Georgia (208)                         SSR  Berger Warner  Ocala, Fl  (211)               Legends Brian Sachs  Gainesville, Fl (213)

2016 Sr Champion  Doug Hanzel, Savanna Ga  (209)       SSR  Rob Hess, Casselberry Fl  (211)             Legends  Jim Carley Ormond Bch, Fl  (212) 

2017 Sr Champion  Doug Hanzel, Georgia  (201)                          SSR  Rob Hess, Casselberry Fl  (212)             Legends  Brian Sachs, Gainesville, Fl (212)

2018 Sr Champion David Anthony  Jax Fla (203)                          SSR  Pete McDade , Lakeland Fl (212)             Legends Don Marsh Johns Creek, GA   (209)

2019 Sr Champion Doug Hanzel, Savannah Ga ( 213)                  SSR Rick Woulfe, Ft Lauderdale (213)             Legends Don Marsh, Johns Creek, Ga  (214)

2019 Super Legends Champion, Charlie Busbee of Georgia with scores of 73,73,73 a very very good performance

2020  Sr Champion Randy Haag (203)   SSR Champion David Anthony (210) playoff over Mark Baxter(210)  Leg Champion Berger Warner (207)

2020 Super Legends Champion Charlie Busbee (217 star)

2021 Sr Champion  Dr Doug Hanzel (203)  SSR Champion Randy Elliott(211)    Legends  Dr Robb Hess (208)  Super Legends Dr Jim Carley (209)

2022 Sr Champion Rusty Strawn (136)  SSR Champion David Anthony (147 )   Legends Don Russell (143)  Super Legends Dr Jim Carley (140)

2023 Sr Champion Matt Avril Vero Beach,  SSR Champion Marcus Beck Tallahassee,  Legends Champion Don Russell Tequesta,  Super Legends Randy Reifers Ohio

2024  Sr Champ Rich Buckner (210)  SSR Champ James Starnes (211),  Leg Champ Greg Osborne 209), S Legends Jim Carley (216), Grand Master Brian Sachs(216)



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